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CIGMAN Laser Level CM-801 Laser Level Self Leveling 3×360°3D Green Cross Line

CIGMAN Laser Level CM-801 Laser Level Self Leveling 3×360°3D Green Cross Line for Decoration and Picture Hanging with Two Rechargeable Batteries, Remote Controller and Magnetic L-Shaped Bracket. High Visibility: The green laser level line is 4x brightness than the red beam, which can provide a working distance of up to 100ft, IP54 Waterproof-it can be

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Firecore 360° Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Tripod and Compatib

360 Degree Horizonal Cross-Line: With one ultra-bright 360° horizontal and one 120° vertical green beams provides all-around leveling coverage. 360° horizontal plane and vertical line can be projected separately or together for a variety of applications, gives you maximum green laser brightness up to 82 ft. With high accuracy for ease of measuring. Self-Leveling, Manual

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CIGMAN Cross Line Laser 3 x 360 Degrees Green Self-Levelling Laser Spirit Level

CIGMAN Kreuzlinienlaser Professional Set CM-801. Der CIGMAN CM-801 projiziert eine horizontale 360°-Linie und zwei vertikale 360°-Laserlinien, ist selbstnivellierend und gewährleistet die präzise Durchführung von Ausrichtungsarbeiten. Dank des Staub- und Spritzwasserschutzes ist der CM-801 ideal für den anspruchsvollen Baustellen alltag geeignet. Normalerweise sind grüne Laser heller als rote Laser. Im einzigartigen Burstmodus des CM-801 blinkt der

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Topcon Rl-h3c Self-leveling Rotary Laser Level, Transit, Spectra, Leica

Topcon RL-H3C rotating laser level is the perfect choice for your grade checking, concrete forming, machine control needs, and more. Topcon RL-H3C is a one-person leveling system designed for the most rugged environments. Accurate, stable and reliable, the RL-H3C is ideal for longer range measurements across your entire site. The RL-H3C transmitter sends a continuous

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Topcon RL-H4C Laser Level with LS-80L Receiver, Case, Rechargeable Bat Powers On

Topcon RL-H4C Laser Level w/ LS-80L Receiver, Case, Rechargeable Battery. NO CLAMP OR CHARGER INCLUDED. This unit power is on and appears to work normally. However, I have not field tested it. It is missing the clamp for the receiver and is missing the charger for the rechargeable battery. Both the laser and the case

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