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UNI-T LM576LD Green Laser Level 16-Lines Horizontal Vertical Self-Leveling 520nm

1 x UNI-T LM576LD Gre en Laser Level Kit. LD green light 520nm ± 5nm. Automatic leveling function, magnetic damping compensation system. Tilt angle>±(3±1)°, the laser line flashes automatically with buzzer alarm reminder. Inclination angle? ±(3±1)°, the horizontal and vertical lines drawn within a few seconds will be adjusted back to horizontal and vertical.


Multifunctional 16 Lines Laser Level 3° Self-leveling Function Leveling Tool Omn

Three touching buttons design, one OUTDOOR/Open button, one V button, and one H button, the oblique line, horizontal line and vertical line with a clear division. Self-leveling function can conquer small rugged place such as 3°, over 3° the laser light will keep blinking to remind you to put it on a flat place.


Huepar 4×360 Laser Level Self-leveling 16 Lines Green Beam 4D Cross Line Tiling

This Huepar 4×360 cross-line laser level is perfect for all your measuring and layout needs. With 16 lines and a green beam, it offers accurate and easy-to-see measurements. The self-leveling feature ensures precise results every time. The laser level is made by Huepar and comes in a striking green color. The model is Huepar 4×360,

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Green Cross Laser Level Line Tiling Floor with Remote Control &Hard Carry Case

1 x Huepar 503DG 3D Green Tiling Laser Level. ? 3 X 360 WITH FLOOR LINE LASER: This laser tool projects one 360° horizontal floor laser line for tiling installation at a 2/5 distance. With the lifting base, the 360° floor laser can raise from the surface to project over and travel past uneven surfaces

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Elikliv Rotary 4D Self-Leveling Laser Level 16Line Layout Remote Control 200FT

Laser Level 360 Self Leveling, Elikliv 4D Lazer Level 200Ft Outdoor Robust Indoors, Green Cross Line Laser Level 4×360 Horizontal Vertical Dual-beam Lasers for DIY or Professional Job Site. With advanced laser level technology, Elikliv is committed to providing solutions for a wide variety of applications of greater accuracy and precision.


Elikliv Bluetooth Self-leveling Laser Level 4×360 Vertical Horizontal Line Laser

With advanced laser level technology, Elikliv is committed to providing solutions for variety of applications of greater accuracy and convenience. Leveling Type: 4×360°, 16 Lines. Including 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lasers as well as 360-degree coverage, could projects an accurate horizontal or vertical illuminated line onto the surface.