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Bosch Red 4000-ft Self-Leveling Indoor/Outdoor Rotary Laser Level with 360 Beam

Bosch Red 4000-ft Self-Leveling Indoor/Outdoor Rotary Laser Level with 360 Beam. Condition: New Model: GRL4000-80CHVK. Fully featured rotary laser – has Dual Dial-In Slope, CORE18V power, Bluetooth® connectivity, uCAL user-calibration and more Dual Dial-In Slope – allows slope angle adjustment on both the X and Y axes Dual Power Source – for extended runtime and

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360° Rotary 4D Laser Level Self Leveling 16 Lines Cross Measure Tool+Tripod US

Laser class: Class II =10mW. Accuracy: 1mm at 7m (1/25 at23ft). Automatic leveling angle: ± 3 °. Number of laser lines: 16. Battery: rechargeable 18650 lithium battery 2400mAh 2. Use time: 3-5 hours. Charger input: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz. Working environment: indoor and outdoor. Full layout with 4360°16 lines line laser, two 360°horizontal and two 360°vertical

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Zokoun Line Laser Level, 360 Rotary Self-leveling Horizontal & Vertical

Introducing the Zokoun Line Laser Level – your perfect tool for accurate measuring and layout. This high-quality laser level from Zokoun boasts a 360-degree rotary self-leveling feature for both horizontal and vertical measurements. Crafted for durability, this Line Laser Level features a green color laser that is easy to see in low-light conditions. The Zokoun

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Laser Level 4D 360° Rotary Cross 16 Lines Self Leveling Measure Tool+Tripod+Case

16 LINES 4 x 360° Beam Orientation Options. 1 of the most crucial features of any fabulous-quality laser level is the beam orientation option. Auto-Leveling+Ingenious Manual Tilt Function. Laser level with remote control come in two broad categories. With “auto-leveling”(Press ON/OFF), a mechanism inside ensures that the projected lines are perfectly horizontal or vertical, if

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4D 16 Lines Rotary Laser Level 360 Self Leveling Green Cross Line Laser +Tripod

Upgraded Laser Level Self Leveling? 4D Laser Level: Two 360° horizontal planes (H) cover the floor, ceiling. Two 360° vertical planes (V) cover walls. Lines cross at 90°angles can visualize quickly and finish square layout. With remote control, planes can be selected individually at a distance. 16 Lines Laser green beam is brighter than red.

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500m Self-leveling Red Laser Level 360 Rotating Rotary with Tripod Staff

500m Self-leveling Red Laser Level 360 Rotating Rotary w/ Tripod Staff. The beam rotation red laser level is an automatically controlled instrument that outputs a visible laser beam to the positioning of the laser beam height. It has a 500m working distance and 360 ° rotatable function with clear, bright and stable lines. Widely used

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