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H-YEEU Rotary Laser Level 360° Green Auto Self Leveling Measure Tools with Case

H-YEEU Rotary Laser Level 360° Green Auto Self Leveling Measure Tools w/ Case. Strong carry case with foam for easy carrying and safe storage. All functions can be used with remote control, which make leveling tasks fast and accurate. This laser level is fully automatical to align, adjust and find a level with ±5°self leveling

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360° Auto Self Leveling Laser Level Rotary 16 Lines Cross Line Measure Tools

This is an excellent spirit level with 360° 16 lines for fine positioning, with self-leveling system, flexible and stable. It is suitable for a variety of uses including flooring, tile layout, paneling, wallpaper, woodwork, baseboards, finishing carpentry, socket and switch layout, wall stud layout and partition installation.


4D 360° 16 Lines Green Laser Level Auto Self Leveling Rotary Cross Measure Tool

4 X 360° Green Laser Lines? Laser Level have 2 horizontal 360° plane, two vertical 360° planes, 16 laser lines, which can cover the floor, walls and ceiling all around the room. Horizontal lines and vertical lines cross at 90°angles help you to visualize quickly and finish square layout. The portable size makes it more

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KAIWEETS magnetic Rotary Laser Auto level Measure tool kt360A GREEN BEAM LASER

KAIWEETS magnetic Rotary Laser 3 X 360 laser lines 4X Brighter & 2 Lithium +bag. More lines, more usage. Product type: construction laser. Rooms: construction site, workshop. Functions: vertical line, horizontal line, cross line, fixed line. Tripod mount: 1/4 “and 5/8″. Batteries: 3 x 18650. (2 batteries) 22 h x 2 (3x 360 laser lines).

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NEW 4D 360° 16 Lines Green Laser Level Auto Self Leveling Rotary Cross Measure

4D 16 Lines Green Laser Level Self Leveling 360° Cross Line Measure Tool with. TECHNICAL DATA Green:Diode Leveling method:Self-leveling. Plumb down dot or plumb down cross line:Y Fine adjusting function:Y Tilt funotion:Y Laser lines:16 Laser wavelength:515nm Laser class:Classll Accuracy;? 0.3mmm Leveling range:±3 Temprature range:-10°? Power supply;Lithium battery. Liftable platform:1 pcs. Lnstruction Manual:1 pcs. Laser diode:LD

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4D 360°16 Lines Green Laser Level Auto Self Leveling Rotary Cross Measure/Tripod

Laser class: Class II =10mW. Accuracy: 1mm at 7m (1/25 at23ft). Automatic leveling angle: ± 3 °. Number of laser lines: 16. Battery: rechargeable 18650 lithium battery 2400mAh 2. Use time: 3-5 hours. Charger input: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz. Working environment: indoor and outdoor. Full layout with 4360°16 lines line laser, two 360°horizontal and two 360°vertical

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