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3D Laser Level 360 Degree 12Line Self-Leveling Tool for Construction Green Laser

You may also like. 3D Laser Level 360 Degree 12Line Self-Leveling Tool for Construction Green Laser. Name: 3D 12 line laser level. Laser line: 12 line. Working range: diameter range of about 25m. Wavelength: 532nm(green beam). Laser Class: II Grade. Horizontal/vertical accuracy:± 0.2mm/1m. The range of self-leveling: ±3°. Working temperature: 0? To 40? Engineering grade

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360° 12Line 3D 120X Green Light Laser Level Outdoor Cross Measure Tool With Tripod

Name:12Line Green 360° Laser Level Model:A51780 Specifications Color: black+white Beam: Green Line: 12 lines Visible Range: 15m Line accuracy: ±1mm/7m Self leveling range: ±3º Battery capacity: 4000mAh Operating Hours: 6h Protection Level: IP54 Features -Bright green laser beam, delivers up to 4 times brighter lines than standard red beams -12 lines 360° all-around alignment, beaming

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360° 12Line Red 3D Laser Automatic Self Leveling Vertical Horizontal Level Cross

Generate 360 degree of laser (one parallel plane + two vertical plane). Adopt self-leveling, high accuracy and high stability. Laser auto-off when out of leveling range. Waterproof grade: IP: 54. Accuracy: ± 2mm /10m. Leveling range: ± 3.5 °. Line-width: 2mm / 10m. Working time: 6 Hrs. 1 x 3D Red Line Laser level. 1

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