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Spectra LP51 5-Beam 100-Foot Self-Leveling Red Beam Laser Pointer Level

The Spectra Precision LP51 5-Beam Laser Pointers is designed to handle a wide range of interior construction applications. This rugged red beam laser pointer offers several benefits to general and interior contractors, electricians, plumbers and a variety of tradesmen. The LP51 projects 5 red points: one point up, one down and three horizontal points 90

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Spectra Laser LP51 Self Leveling 5-Beam Laser Pointer

Spectra Precision Laser has more choices and better choices because they build the toughest products on earth. There’s a reason Spectra Precision Laser is the strongest name in the industry. They invented the industry. From day one they have pioneered every major development in laser positioning for construction. That’s why you will find their products

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