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Samger Automatic Self Levelling Rotating Green Laser Level Rotary + Tripod Staff

The self-leveling rotary laser complete set comes with rotating laser, lenses, laser target, receiver, handle, remote control, charger, tripod, scale, carrying case key and strong carrying case. Strong carry case with foam for easy carrying and safe storage. All functions can be used with remote control, which make leveling tasks fast and accurate. This laser

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Samger Automatic Self Levelling Rotating Red Rotary Laser Level+ 5m Tripod Staff

The beam rotation red laser level is an automatically controlled instrument that outputs a visible laser beam to the positioning of the laser beam height. It has a 500m working distance and 360 ° rotatable function with clear, bright and stable lines. Widely used in architectural construction, building constructions, huge equipment installation, elevator installation, interior

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